Honorable Intentions (paperback)

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-576-3
Page Count: 272
Word Count: 0
Rating: 0

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Former cop Samantha Wells is the last person single dad Chase Canfield wants chaperoning his young, impressionable daughter. Not if she's the same beautiful stranger who shamelessly came on to him with all the promise of unfulfilled passion, making her impossible to forget.

Samantha must prove to Chase she's a competent, trustworthy professional. That the sultry seductress he knew was only a pretense, her misguided alter ego acting on a stupid dare.

To save her reputation, she has to make him believe the mind blowing kisses and undeniable connection they shared meant nothing.

The hard part will be convincing herself.

(272 pages) Spicy


"I don't know what you think of me and, quite honestly, don't care." Liar! She pushed the protest away and swallowed quickly. "I might have been a little blatant in ... my response to you earlier. It's uncomfortable to admit this," she went on in a voice hushed more by her unexpected embarrassment than his obvious antagonism. "You were a convenient diversion, and my coming on to you was ... just me ... fooling around. A way to blow off a little steam."


"Congratulations?" she repeated. "I don't..."

"You had me fooled."

His gaze roamed down her neck to her breasts and lower. "I didn't think anyone could come on as strong as you did without having something..." His gaze paused, then held just below her waist. "...to back it up."

Though her mind chose to ignore his comment, her body refused to obey the message as a flutter deep inside responded to the touch of his eyes.

"I'm sorry if I misled you." She placed intellect back in control over hormones. "The entire encounter really meant nothing." When she glanced up, he had looked away as well.

"Meant nothing," he repeated before his eyes caught hers again. "I can accept that."

"I do apologize, but this really should have no effect on either one of us any longer. Make no mistake, Mr. Canfield, I am quite capable of taking very good care of your daughter."

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