Lone Star Angel (paperback)

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ISBN Print: 978-1-60154-179-6
Page Count: 112
Word Count: 0

(MSRP: 14.9900)

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Mischief comes to Wayside Gap, Texas

A repentant ex-outlaw, Carnelian Wendell, visits her sister Amethyst, the cook on a Texas cattle ranch. The deaths of the bandit gang straighten out Carni's reckless ways and she's looking for a new life. Solitary rancher, Luc Tarrant, hesitates about adding this spoiled lady to his struggling ranch but soon discovers he can't resist her irrepressible spirit. A trip to town exposes Carni to the sheriff's curious eye and she is jailed for suspicion of train robbery. Luc develops a plan to spring her, but when the sheriff calls his bluff, Luc's plan backfires, leaving the couple with a decision that will change both their futures.

(79 pages) Spicy

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