Perfecting Andrea

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Page Count: 26
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When the Roschelles moved to the small town in southern Georgia, only the teenaged Andrea, who hadn't spoken since she was a child in Amsterdam, knew what awaited them in the old Karenov mansion. Based on a true experience, travel with Andrea and Macon Parks as they unlock the Secret.

26 Pages Sweet


"We did, one afternoon, when Andrea was only five, manage to lose her. It was accidental of course, in the streets so crowded with a parade. It was that snowy Christmas Eve," Brad spoke softly.

"We found her, after a frenzied search. Was it two hours, Anna?"

"Yes, dear. Two hours."

"She had wandered into one of the small chapels and was seated near the altar, talking in child's talk to no one--or a make believe someone."

Andrea listened closely, as if she remembered each snowflake that must have fallen on her hair. "But I was all right." I could hear her as if she were an angel at my ear.

"After that," Anna sighed. "Andrea never spoke again."

Maybe not to you, I wanted to say, but I knew this was to be our secret for now, kept even from her parents.

"Of course, Brad took her to all the finest doctors in the city, with no success; and that horrible Dr. Kerstner, that so-called psychiatrist wanted to know why she hated her mother, or her father--God, he was more confused than our Andrea. We could only hope that maybe a change might come if we got away from all the poking and prodding."

"I will explain later." Andrea danced through my mind.

"Macon." Anna was calling to me. "Macon."

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry." Andrea smiled at the mischief she had caused.

Brad and Anna went for a walk after dinner, leaving us seated in the swing on the porch. The evening was cooling and she was wrapped in her long coat. The leaves rustled across the grass, the limbs of the large oak tree in the front yard swayed with the wind.

I considered myself a normal boy. Nothing special, why was my world being turned inside out? Sure, I'd heard stories about ghosts, and vampires, and read science fiction, but this was no movie. This was real.

"Why?" I said.

"Why?" She chanted.

"Why? Why me? Can you rattle around in anyone's head you choose?"

"No, only yours."

"Oh." I was beginning to accept that I was going crazy.

"Shall I love thee? That is really an answer, more than a question, but we will be tested first."

"Tested? By who? Why--"

"That is what she told me ... that is why I was led here ... to find you."

"To find me?"

"I made a covenant. My silence was freely given for her promise and we can speak no more of this until it is over."

I looked into those azure eyes, saw into eternity and suddenly, I felt calm.

"I'm not afraid."

"You will be."

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