Tormented by Darkness

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Pagan Holiday Series/Inherited Damnation Series

Cursed by her incubus father centuries ago, the last thing Rhiannon McLaine wants is to fall in love.

The night she delivers flowers to detective Mick Farrell, however, everything changes. Deep-seated attraction flares into untamed passion. In the morning, Rhiannon awakens to find she’s lost her heart. Now, unless she can convince Mick of her secret past, she’s destined to take his life.

When Rhiannon asks Mick to go camping with her, instinct warns him to refuse. Though he hungers for her love and the goodness she represents, he’ll do anything to keep her from discovering the darkness within his soul. Yet a weekend in the woods is the perfect place to indulge in temporary desire…until he finds himself bound against his will.

Surrounded by ancient Celtic rites and magic, can Mick see beyond Rhiannon’s duplicity and recognize her love? Or will the revelation of her true demonic nature doom Rhiannon to a mortal life alone?

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 152
Word Count: 40464


The sublime scent of sweet amber and patchouli engulfed Rhiannon. She breathed it in until her head felt dizzy and her body threatened to sway into the nearby closeness of his broad chest. It was all she could do to summon a nod and swallow down the rising tide of sudden, unexpected awareness of Mick. Unlike anytime before, his very nearness bore down on her like heavy weights.

Weights that threatened to crush her under the power of dark desire.

“I, ah…” She swallowed again, forced an unsteady smile, and avoided those mesmerizing dark eyes. “I’ll just set this inside the door and go get the other one.” If she didn’t move now, didn’t do something to escape this overwhelming poison of her demonic blood, she’d forget why she was here. Why she needed to avoid Mick Farrell, no matter how delicious the temptation.

Before she could put the planter on the floor inside his door, he swept it out of her arms. “I’ll wait here.”

Damn. Not what she needed.

She turned for the driveway and her SUV. As she walked, she focused on breathing. In. Out. Deep and easy. Slow and controlled. But the mantra did nothing to override awareness. The very air churned with his energy, making it impossible to ignore the feel of his stare boring into her back.

Goddess be, she shouldn’t have come here. Not tonight, with the sabot so near. The last time Mick had walked into her flower shop, she’d been tempted. But that stirring of want was nothing compared to this, and she had only her father to blame for the festering yearning. Her father and the demonic blood he passed to his eight children so many centuries ago.

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