About Giulietta Jones

Most of you already know me as a former student of the famous School of Advanced Sloth on 49th Street, where I became such a luminary in pinochle, moth art and clay appreciation. Others may remember me from the early Cambrian period, before the wheel, when spats were big and girdles even bigger. Yes, as an eminent trilobite and proud graduate of the School of AS, I have many gifts. Chocolate, for instance. Ask me anything about chocolate, and I'm your man. Hot, cold, dark, smooth or crunchy, this establishment makes no distinctions. Feel free to probe. Then there’s my intimate connection to coffee. That nervous twitch you see merely underscores my special attractiveness; some might say it enhances my already powerful personality. Wait, there's more. Well, no, actually, that's pretty much it. For stories which provide a sound grasp of chocolate, coffee and advanced torpor--with the occasional stray moth--try the Giulietta Jones collection. You’ll be in a class of your own. Like me.

summer heat series
Sonja Foust
Promo Ho