Everything But The Truth

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After witnessing a murder, Peyton Delaney is on the run from the mob and looking for protection--disguised as a hooker. She has no idea who to trust anymore, especially when the detective who was supposed to keep her safe is shot and she discovers it was an inside job. Now, at the detective’s insistence, she must find his best friend and beg for the man’s help. But how can she be sure she can trust this man?

Ex-cop Reeve Sinclair has no room in his life for a woman like Peyton, yet he agrees to babysit her as a favor to a friend. Reeve soon finds he has more trouble than dodging bullets; he’s actually fallen in love with a hooker, or so he thinks.

(Pages 186) Spicy


“You didn’t have to cook for me. I would have eaten anything. Some crackers. A piece of bread . . .” Her voice trailed off. Staring at the burger, the woman who called herself Pepper inhaled and smiled. “It smells delicious. Thank you.”

Reeve Sinclair watched as she bit into the sandwich, chewed and swallowed. Her facial bones were delicately carved, her lips full. The bright red hair had come from a bottle and she hadn’t done a very good job of it. There were streaks of honey blonde mixed in, which he assumed was her natural color.

She was thin, even a bit lanky, and small breasted. He wouldn’t call her beautiful. In fact, he’d bet that underneath all that make-up she was only average looking at best. But she had the most amazing green eyes. And a killer smile.

Clearing his throat, he said, “I’ll go get you some more water.” Heading for the bar, he thought, if it weren’t for the way she was dressed, he would never believe she was a prostitute. She had an innocent look about her. A soft side. He’d been a cop for ten years and he’d never met a hooker like her.

But if she wasn’t a prostitute, then why the hell was she pretending to be one? That didn’t make sense. Looking over his shoulder he stared at her some more. When she met his gaze and smiled shyly, he quickly looked away. Get a grip, Sinclair. Of course, she’s a hooker. No one would lie about something like that.

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